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Packaged into the most comprehensive online course for athletes and parents

NCAA Recruiting Rules at all Levels

The essential information that all prospective players and parents must be know to navigate the recruiting process.

Competition in College Baseball

In depth look at why college baseball is the most competitive now than it ever has been before.

Creating a Recruitment Plan, resume and highlight Video

We will help you create an actionable recruiting plan and all that goes with it.

Exposure Planning

We will give you insight and advice from our years of coaching that will help you maximize your dollar to get the most exposure.

Micro Recruiting Courses: Exposure Planning

Our micro online courses are bite-sized learning experiences designed to deliver focused and efficient education on specific recruiting topics. These courses distill complex subjects into manageable modules, offering you and your family the flexibility to engage with specific content at their convenience. Our micro courses are tailored to specific topics that you can use to shape your recruiting process. We have developed three micro courses that you can find below and if you need more check out our online academy here.

Exposure Planning

This micro course will take you start to finish on how to create an actionable recruiting plan that will maximize your exposure to college coaches. We will cover what events are out there, what ones we think are best, how to apply it to your process, and more.

In this micro course, we'll guide you through the essential steps to navigate the recruitment process, including reaching out to coaches, building a highlight video, and planning your camp and showcase schedule.

Creating a Recruiting Plan:

Develop a strategy for contacting coaches, adhering to NCAA communication rules, and planning unofficial visits. Focus on attending events where coaches from your target schools will be present and consider the timing to showcase your best form.

Building a Highlight Video:

Create a concise, high-quality video showcasing your skills. Use clear angles and avoid excessive editing. For pitchers, include different pitches and mechanics; for position players, show both offensive and defensive skills. Upload your video to a platform like YouTube for easy coach access.

Creating a Camp and Showcase Schedule:

Choose from on-campus camps, private showcases, and private camps to display your talents and interact with coaches. Research the attending schools and ensure the events align with your goals. Present yourself professionally and stay prepared both physically and mentally.

By following these guidelines and investing in your development, you'll be well-equipped to make informed decisions and succeed in your college baseball recruitment journey.


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What People Are Saying

Incredible investment

"This course is a game-changer for any high school baseball player aspiring to play at the college level. The insights and knowledge shared in the course are priceless. It helped me understand the recruiting process, create a standout player profile, and connect with coaches effectively. Thanks to this course, I'm now living my dream of playing college baseball."

Joe S. MD

Invaluable resource

"As a parent, I was initially overwhelmed by the college baseball recruiting process. This course not only clarified the steps but also provided practical tools and strategies to support my son's journey. The case studies and success stories were particularly inspiring. We're grateful for this resource that helped our son secure a college baseball opportunity."

Jackson Family. MA

Must have for Coaches

"Having coached high school baseball for years, I thought I understood recruiting. However, this course opened my eyes to the intricacies and changes in the process. It's a must for any coach looking to guide their players effectively. The resource toolkit is a goldmine of practical materials."

Scott C. NY

Confidence Booster

"I had the talent but didn't know how to navigate the college baseball recruiting landscape. This course changed everything. It's like having veteran coaches by your side, offering expert guidance at every step. I now feel confident in my recruiting journey and am excited about my future in college baseball."

Eric S. VA

Couldn't Recommend Enough

"The EMD Online Academy course gave me the clarity and direction I needed to make informed decisions about my college baseball journey. It covers all aspects, from academics to skill showcases, and the insights from former student-athletes were motivating. I highly recommend this course to anyone serious about playing college baseball."

Ryan M. NC

Educational Must Have

"This course helped me understand the nuances of recruiting and the different paths available. The guidance on building a player profile and connecting with coaches was invaluable. It's not just about playing baseball; it's about succeeding academically and in life. I'm grateful for this comprehensive resource."

Rob D. NY

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