Coach Ready Package

Our most comprehensive recruitment package

We work together creating and executing your personalized recruiting plan.

2 x Zoom Calls per month

Personalized zoom calls bi-weekly to hit checkpoints in your recruitment.

Video Analysis + Review

We will aid in video analysis and creation for recruitment.

Talent Evaluation + Academic Review

We will evaluate where you are both on and off the field and provide a path to success on the field and in the classroom.

College List Development

Using your academic and athletic goals we will develop a list of targeted schools to reach out to.

Camp, Showcase, and Exposure Guidance

We will help create an actionable recruiting schedule to get you seen.

Communication Guidance

We'll advise you on how to effectively communicate with college coaches.

Social Media Posts & Guidance

Leveraging social media the correct way can open more doors and we can help with that.

College Coach Communication

We will reach out to college coaches to start the conversation and open doors for you.

Coach Ready Package

Embarking on a journey to secure a spot on a college baseball team is an exciting but often complex process. At EMD, we're committed to being your dedicated partner every step of the way, and our comprehensive recruiting package is tailored to provide you with the support and resources you need to not only navigate the recruitment process but to excel in it.

Our Recruiting Package Includes:

  1. Monthly Q & A / Coaching Sessions: We understand that recruiting can be filled with questions and uncertainties. That's why we offer you not one, but two monthly Q & A and coaching sessions. During these sessions, you'll have the opportunity to interact directly with Andy & Keith who can provide insights, guidance, and answers to all your recruitment-related queries.
  2. Video Analysis / Review: To help you showcase your talent effectively to college coaches, we provide regular video analysis and review sessions. These sessions are designed to help you improve your skills and refine your performance, ultimately making you a more attractive prospect to collegiate programs.
  3. Ongoing Talent Evaluation: Our dedicated team will continuously evaluate your skills and abilities to identify areas for growth and development. This ongoing evaluation ensures that you're always on track to reach your full potential and stand out in the recruiting process.
  4. Academic Review: We understand the importance of balancing athletics with academics. Our academic review service helps you maintain your academic progress while pursuing your athletic dreams. We'll work with you to strike the right balance and ensure that you're eligible for college sports programs.
  5. College List Development: Selecting the right colleges to target is crucial in the recruiting process. We'll assist you in developing a personalized list of colleges that align with your athletic and academic goals.
  6. Camp, Showcase, and Exposure Guidance: We'll guide you in choosing the most suitable camps and showcases to attend, as well as provide strategies to maximize your exposure to college coaches and scouts.  We also strive to save you money as you can waste a lot of it in this realm. 
  7. Social Media Posts & Guidance: In today's digital age, your online presence matters. We'll provide guidance on managing your social media profiles to present yourself in the best possible light to college coaches and recruiters.
  8. College Coach Communication: We'll reach out to our network of coaches to let them know about you personally.  We do this to help get you in front of the coaches you want to play for and programs we see you fitting into.
  9. Commitments and Beyond: Our job does not end when you commit.  We will continue to mentor you so that you are as prepared as you can be getting to campus the fall of your freshman year. 

PLEASE NOTE: To qualify for this package, eligibility is based on talent level, graduation year, and recruiting timeline. We're committed to working with individuals who are dedicated to their athletic journey and meet the criteria for this specialized package.

In summary, our recruiting package is a comprehensive and personalized program designed to support athletes throughout the entire recruitment process and beyond. With a team of experienced coaches and mentors by your side, you'll have the guidance, resources, and expertise needed to navigate the intricate world of college sports recruitment successfully.

What People Are Saying

Love it so much

"As a student-athlete, I was overwhelmed by the prospect of finding the right college baseball program. EMD's recruiting package was a lifeline. The guidance on selecting camps and showcases not only saved me money but also ensured I got noticed by the right coaches. The social media guidance helped me present myself professionally, and the communication training was instrumental in establishing meaningful connections with college coaches. Even after I committed, EMD's mentorship continued, preparing me for a successful freshman year on campus. EMD is the best partner you can have on your journey to college baseball."

Jon G. PA

Forever Grateful

"I can't express how grateful I am for EMD's support during my recruiting process. Their college list development service helped me target colleges that were a perfect fit for my athletic and academic goals. The personalized sessions with Andy and Keith were invaluable in clearing my doubts and uncertainties. The ongoing talent evaluation kept me motivated, knowing that I was working towards my full potential. And, when it came to communication with coaches, their guidance was spot on. EMD's dedication doesn't stop at commitment; they continue to mentor you for a seamless transition into college sports. Highly recommended!"

Greg B. NJ

Above and Beyond

"I was fortunate to have EMD by my side throughout my recruiting journey. The two monthly Q & A sessions provided a platform to get my questions answered directly by Andy and Keith. The video analysis sessions helped me refine my skills and become a more attractive prospect to college programs. EMD's guidance on camps and showcases not only improved my exposure but also saved me money. Their communication guidance was instrumental in building strong relationships with coaches. Andy and Keith's commitment extends beyond commitment; their mentorship ensured I was well-prepared for my freshman year. A big thanks to the EMD team!"

Pete L. VA

Game Changer

"EMD was an absolute game-changer in my college baseball recruiting journey. Their comprehensive package provided me with the knowledge and guidance I needed to navigate the complex process. The two monthly Q & A sessions with Andy and Keith were incredibly insightful, and their direct interaction was invaluable. The video analysis sessions helped me fine-tune my skills, making me a standout prospect to college coaches. Their ongoing talent evaluation kept me on track to reach my full potential. Balancing academics with athletics was seamless thanks to their academic review service. I highly recommend EMD for anyone serious about excelling in college baseball recruitment."

Danny T. NY

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