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Every player's recruiting process and development timeline is different. Sticking to a process focused on continuous development is the foundation of finding the best fit for each player.

Development starts with an honest evaluation of the current state. We provide honest and educated feedback on the academic and athletic standing of each student-athlete.

This is where the process of improvement starts. This assessment defines goals and sets expectations, but more importantly serves as the starting point to developing into a better student, athlete, and most critically a better person.

We seek to improve our clients by leveraging our strong network of professionals and unique development curriculum which includes candid conversation, development assignments, and an iterative evaluation process.


Our approach to educating the client is holistic and encompasses everything from recruiting rules, proper communication, detailed information on the landscape of college baseball, scholarships, academics, the life of a college baseball player, the importance of coaching, and much more.


Experience, candid conversation, and trust are the foundations of mentorship. Our mission runs deeper than helping our clients achieve their goal of playing college baseball, it is about developing the youth to be better leaders, better listeners, better teammates, and better members of society.


Your personal, athletic, and academic development starts with an honest assessment of where you are right now. This baseline read is used to plot your path forward to the achievement of personal, athletic, and academic goals. We will spend a lot of time helping you discover your path.


One time consultation

Not sure where to start? This 45-minute Zoom consultation aims to guide what to do next.


Online Baseball Academy

Access our online training course that provides lots of great value and insight into how to get scouted and recruited.


Game Ready Package

Monthly package for those starting the process and need coaching to help them down the right path.


Coach Ready Package

This service will 100% be tailored to your needs, it includes the Game Ready package + coach sessions.

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We have walked a mile in your cleats!

Recruiting, developing, and mentoring players who had success at multiple levels of collegiate baseball and professionally is the driving factor in teaching HS players the most important recruiting lesson– finding the right fit is the key to unlocking your potential as a player, student, and person.

Andy + Keith have OVER 25 years of combined coaching and recruiting experience. This has helped us build a great network and knowledge base to help guide you in your recruiting process.

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of High School Players will play D1 Baseball


of Top 350 Prospects in '21 Draft are from non-Power 5 Conferences


Total number of Athletic Scholarships Available to fully-funded D1 program


We are so proud of each of these young men! They worked hard on the field to earn the offer and make a commitment to play at their dream college. Like you, they started with a dream and navigated through the complicated steps of selecting the right schools, talking to coaches, getting great grades and having a game plan. We are privileged to have helped them and look forward to helping you.

2024 Commit: University of Virginia

"We couldn't be more pleased with our decision to use EMD baseball for William's recruitment. Their professionalism and integrity, combined with their calm attitude about a process that can be overwhelming, was exactly what we needed. They took the time to get to know Willam as a player and person. They gave us an honest assessment of his abilities and schools that could be a fit. They were always available for our questions and never pressured William to make a decision before he was ready. Their extensive contacts led us to the perfect fit. We can't imagine going through the process with EMD's guidance"

Shawn & Kristin Kirk

2024 Commit: Columbia University

We decided to use EMD after they took the time to travel and see our son Ben play early in April on a cold Friday night some 4 plus hours away from his home. On an introductory call, he simply said, “I’ve never seen Ben play, so let’s start there and then I can tell you what I think.” That sums up EMD in a nutshell. They are authentic and will help you navigate the right place for your son to include all factors, i.e., academics, finances, player development etc. On that same introductory call I remember them saying, “it’s not about the bumper sticker or sweatshirt, it’s about finding the right fit”. They were always ready and available to talk us through the process and answer questions. Their knowledge and expertise are unparalleled. The recruiting process can be daunting, EMD will help simplify this process. They were incredible with our son, Ben who achieved his goal of playing the game he loves at the college level. Our best advice to you is sign on with them and get started sooner than later! 

Tracy & Craig Fishel

2024 Commit: Wake Forest

"EMD is a rare find of people who are both deeply knowledgeable and truly interested in helping young athletes identify and succeed in the college baseball trajectory that is right for them. Available, easy to communicate with, and always offering use advice, they are people our family turned to often and glad we did"

Alex Bowie

2023 Commit: Xavier University

"EMD are the best guys I could ask for. Whenever you have any questions or need advice they are there, plus they have lots of connections that can help get you seen. They will get you in from of the right people and will guide you through the recruiting process to find a fit that meets you academically and athletically. The service they provide is second to none”

Mark Seibel

2023 Commit: George Washington University

“EMD helped me with everything throughout the whole process. They are great people who have a knack for guiding people in the right direction. They changed my outlook on the whole recruiting process and taught me how to look for the right fit. As former college players and coaches, EMD had more than enough connections to help me until I found the right fit. I am thankful I had EMD to point me in the right direction and help me achieve my goals.”


2023 Commit: Presbyterian College

There are no words to express my gratitude for EMD and everything they has done for my son. They believed in my son when others doubted. My son had a broken back
his Junior year in High School and that was his most important recruitment year. We were not sure if he would ever play again. He worked hard and came back stronger than ever. However his dream of playing college baseball was something
that we were not sure would happen let alone play in Division 1 baseball. We gave all our trust to EMD, the assured us that they would help my son find a school that would
not only want him as a player but also as a student whether it was D1 or not. EMD was in constant communication with my son throughout his whole recruitment
process. With the support and wisdom from EMD, my son found his dream school. He is playing Division 1 baseball and I couldn’t be happier, knowing my son is exactly where he needs to be. And this could not have happened without the help of EMD.
If you want your son to live out his dream of playing baseball EMD is the team to do it. They will be honest and also keep your son humbled and grounded.

Tania Charalambous